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A device that connects two local-area networks (LANs), or two segments of the same LAN that use the same protocol, such as Ethernet or Token-Ring. Bridge Router: A bridge router is a type of network device operating as both a bridge and a router. It forwards the frames to the connected segments or a LAN when there is no routing information. It also routes all other TCP/IP packets to different networks. The bridge router operates at the network and data link layer of the OSI Model. This BRIDGE is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms BRIDGE - What does BRIDGE stand for? The Free Dictionary Culbertson, Ely: founded The Bridge World, the foremost bridge publication in the world. He was the first serious publicist of bridge and earned a great deal of money with the game during the Depression. His publicity scheme was chock-full of double entendres. His system was called the "approach-forcing" system. Bridge: When a road needs to extend across a river or valley, a bridge is built to connect the two land masses. Since the average car cannot swim or fly, the bridge makes it possible for automobiles to continue driving from one land mass to another. Definition of bridge: Electronic device that connects two or more networks, thus creating an extended network in which any device or station on one network can

A bridge is what gets you from one side of the river to the other. A bridge connects things. The bridge of your nose connects your nose to your head — it's where the bridge of your eyeglasses rests.

Create and manage collections in Adobe Bridge Adobe Bridge tracks the locations of the files in collections. If a file is moved in Adobe Bridge, the file remains in the collection. If a collection includes files that have been moved or renamed in the Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (Mac OS), or if the files are on a removable hard drive that is not connected when you view the collection, Adobe Bridge displays an alert at the top of the

A part of a song which links a verse or the chorus to another verse or the chorus. Usually distinguished by a slightly different instrumental, e.g. a changing guitar riff, or a thinner drumline

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