Dec 30, 2016

[Guide] Which Windows 10 Services are Safe to Disable? - AskVG First of all we'll need to open Services Manager to configure Windows 10 services. You can open … Disabling WPAD service on Windows 2012 R2 Jun 09, 2016 Find out who disabled a Windows service - Server Fault In Event Viewer, look in the "Windows Logs"->"System" event log, and filter for Source "Service Control Manager" and Event ID 7040. Find the event saying "The start type of the service was changed from original start type to disabled" for the service you're interested in. When you find that, the "User" listed in the details below is the user

Mar 22, 2004

Here’s a few quick PowerShell commands that will allow you to Disable or Enable a Service and Start or Stop a particular service. To Enable a particular service run the following command. (Please Edit ServiceName to the desired service) Set-Service ServiceName-StartupType Automatic. To Disable a particular service run the following command. disable server service on client machines effect

The Service name of a service is displayed in the service's properties. sc config "service name" start=disabled. For example: If I wanted to disable the HomeGroup Listener service, I would type the command below using the HomeGroupListener (service name) exactly in the command prompt, and press Enter. sc config "HomeGroupListener" start=disabled

Disable Maps Broker service in Windows Server 2016 Jan 06, 2018 Disable or Turn-off SQL Server Telemetry Service Disable or Turn-off SQL Server Telemetry Service. Dharmendra Keshari, 2018-08-13 (first published: 2018-07-30) With SQL Server 2016, Microsoft is installing SQL Server Telemetry or CEIP (Customer