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Ubuntu Manpage: apt-cacher - caching proxy for Debian packages Access cache like a mirror To use the cache in this way, edit /etc/apt/sources.list on each client and prepend the address of the apt-cacher server to each deb/src line. This mode is limited to using HTTP protocol for the upstream source. How to Flush DNS Cache in Ubuntu and LinuxMint - TecAdmin Jan 29, 2018 Setting up an 'Apt-Cache' Server Using 'Apt-Cacher-NG' in Dec 13, 2018 How to install and configure Varnish cache on Ubuntu Linux

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I need to clear the terminal cache, I have tried with history -c but it clears the cache in that terminal session, but if I open another session and type history it shows all the previous commands. Ubuntu

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Ubuntu: A centralized apt package cache using Apt-Cacher Feb 11, 2018 How to clear the ARP cache on Linux? - Linux Audit Clearing cache with ip. Newer Linux distributions have the ip utility. The ip tool has a more advanced way to clear out the full ARP cache. ip -s -s neigh flush all. The first -s will provide a more verbose output. By adding one more, we can select the neighbor table. The neighbor table with the ip command equals both the ARP and NDISC cache.