Feb 23, 2015 · I have 3 Samsung Smart TV's. Two UN46D7050 TV's and one UN48H5500 TV. The problem started this morning (24/02/2015). One of the Two UN46D7050 TV's is in my dining room and didn't want to connect

Samsung Smart TV. Smart DNS tutorial. Nexus Player. Smart DNS tutorial. Linux Ubuntu. Smart DNS Trial. 7 days. 196 Unblocked websites. Unlimited devices. Original I already tried resetting the smart hub but no luck. It still saying " smart hub is being updated. Please try again later" I even tried changing the location, the DNS, nothing happened. You might call Samsung and verify all the TV firmware is up to date as well as change the DNS to since some ISPs don't work right on Samsung TVs (they don't have the DNS entries for Samsung.) Smart DNS. Smart DNS services were designed with streaming media in mind and allow for easy region switching. While websites like Netflix automatically detect a user's location through their internet settings, Smart DNS provides a way to work around this automatic region detection, making it seem like the customer is based somewhere else in the world.

The Samsung Smart Hub is an app pre-installed on your Samsung Smart TV. It enables you to install other apps, stream music and movies, and even watch live TV. Like most software, sometimes it just doesn't work properly. This guide will help you resolve issues with the Smart Hub.

All that is possible because SmartPlay combines the best features of the VPN and Smart DNS technologies. If you used a regular Smart DNS service, you would set its server as the preferred DNS server in your router or network settings. That would give you more access to various streaming content but add no extra security to your connection.

Now restart your Samsung smart TV and it will start using Smart DNS Proxy automatically. To check, open the Netflix app and you’ll can now play Netflix US from anywhere. Check our other videos we’ve done on how to set up Smart DNS Proxy on various operating systems and media streaming devices.