How to clear the web browsing history recorded in Internet Explorer to improve system performance and privacy or fix web browsing issues. Open Internet Explorer . Select the Gear icon in the top right corner, then select Internet options .

Script to clear browsing history and cache for IE, Firefox Mar 28, 2017 How to Clear Internet History in Internet Explorer Internet Explorer segments out pages you have marked as favorites. We need to be sure to clear all data, not just some of it. Temporary Internet files and website files: Checked: This clears your cache, making your browser get a new copy of the webpage, images, etc. How to Clear Internet Explorer Cache | Learn with TechBoomers Jun 25, 2018 How to Clear History on Internet Explorer - YouTube

Clear-History (Microsoft.PowerShell.Core) - PowerShell

Clear your search history and turn off search suggestions at any time

May 19, 2020

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